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Hedoco is the first brand in Central and Eastern Europe which produces and sells only open-source fashion and design products. Our customer can legally be a designer, a producer and a buyer at the same time.

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About Us

Aleksander Janas - Creative Director, Hedoco

Piotr Grabowski & Paulina Jędrzejewska - Hedoco founders

Piotr Grabowski & Paulina Jędrzejewska - Hedoco founders

How we operate

Hedoco products stand out for their unique style. Devised by young Polish designers, they are produced with the highest attention to detail and are examples of uncompromising quality. Our product range includes fashion accessories, industrial design, clothes and inventions based on open-source technologies.

Hedoco customers can order our brand's readymade products, as well as create them on their own. This is made possible through Creative Commons, a concept that promotes open collaboration models between users, designers and manufacturers. In the field of design and fashion, this is a pioneer solution on the Polish market.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons licenses enable artists and designers to share copyrights and intellectual property with potential users of their works or products. Through CC anyone – for free, in a simple and fully legal manner – can customize a product to his/her individual needs or – in the spirit of DIY (Do It Yourself)- create it according to the technical data and models provided. Such licenses are not exclusive, which means they can be used by any number of users.

Creative Commons is an across-borders initiative still little-known in Poland, which we hope Hedoco will help popularize.