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Hedoco at DMY in Berlin!

DMY is the International Festival of Design in Berlin, one of the biggest and most important events in the field of design. The eleventh edition will be attended by more than 700 exhibitors from 30 countries. During this year's edition Poland was invited to organise its own focus. Polish Design Focus has an objective to promote Polish industrial design and Poland as an innovative country. The project presents selected Polish brands. Together with 137kilo, Bridge i Super Super we will present our current achievements, as well as new product – Biju! 

"Biju" is an interactive jewelry block and the ultimate form of aesthetic self-expression. As stone, chisel and the sculptor's passion combine into a masterpiece, so can your talent unite with Biju to produce an infinite number of works of visual art ranging from elementary shapes with your initials or simple messages to complex graphic elements. With some creativity and programming, your Biju will interact with other Bijus around, leading to new acquaintances, or it will react to your gesticulation. Everything is in your hands! The project is developed under a Creative Commons open license, which means you can freely modify and create Biju software. This allows for adding new functions and finding new and original uses of jewelry. Regardless of your mood and your needs of the day, the 64-light matrix of Biju will provide the best form of self-expression in interaction with the world around you. Biju's universality is reflected in the number of ways it can be worn. The jewelry looks fabulous as a brooch, but is equally stylish as a bracelet or a pendant. Its technological spirit is alluded to in its shape, which is cut out of small squares reminiscent of the perforated tape commonly used to process data in first computers. The uncompromising, original and strongly "technical" shape evokes associations with architecture, where chaos sets in and order arises at the command of the wearer/user alone.Biju's greatest potential lies in its users as, ultimately, they have the last word in how the project eventually develops. At the same time, Biju aims to make jewelry return to one of its archetypal functions of conveying messages and codes, rather than remain a mere decorative piece. 

design: Hedoco+Cooperativa Studio

Do you want to watch and try Biju? See you in Berlin!

Click here and preorder Biju! 

Our departure to Berlin was funded by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polish Culture Worldwide programme.