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  / 24.03.2014

The spring collection by Hedoco was inspired by Middle Ages!

  / 01.12.2013

The latest autumn/winter collection by Hedoco is a special treat, partly due to its creation process, which united our whole team! 

  / 06.06.2013

Collection was created  in cooperation with designer Justyna Gugała and built on Hedoco's distinctive features - minimalism and geometry.

  / 07.06.2013

DMY is the International Festival of Design in Berlin, one of the biggest and most important events in the field of design!

  / 20.12.2012

The bag refers to the appearance of shopping bags commonly used in the 70s. On the other hand with sophisticated design and usage of modern and classic materials, this product becomes rather luxurious than the everyday one. By opening the project and preparing it to DIY we merge evolution of luxury – expensive, high quality products which minority can afford with neosocialism, freedom of creation and building common knowledge.

  / 13.07.2012

Hedoco Creative is a venture of Hedoco and designer Edyta Jermacz. Its distinctive style draws from geometry and minimalism, the designer's two characteristic features.

  / 30.04.2012

Can design, fashion and advanced technology be combined with a new model of collaboration with product's end user? Customers of Hedoco online shop are both creators and producers, because Hedoco is the first brand in Central and Eastern Europe, which produces and sells only open-source design.

  / 30.04.2012

Can a bag made of leather rhombuses have stunning design, lead to reflections on the pace of life and provide an opportunity to create the product legally on your own, all at the same time? The Eleven Brothers bag does it all.


  / 30.04.2012

Traditional musical instruments rarely require the artists to engage their entire body. Dodecaudion, a Polish invention, challenges this stereotype and brings a new quality into the world of professional music.


  / 30.04.2012

LedBAG is reminiscent of the iconic arcade game Space Invaders, yet the eye-catching design is just one of its strong assets. Because ledBAG... literally shines.

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