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We address our work to people who believe in the superiority of liberty over patents, in the freedom to make use of a product rather than becoming enslaved to its functions, in building relationships instead of marketing relations, and in the advantage of collective knowledge over the corporate desire for profit.

The projects and how-to manuals that will allow you to create our products yourself can be found here.

Downloading them is completely legal and free of charge.

If you'd like to implement your idea, design or unusual invention – contact us at

We believe that designing and manufacturing processes are helping to shape not only the material world, but also that of needs, solutions and new challenges. We want this world to be a better place, one that is less polluted and accessible to all.
We are building a brand of socially responsible design available to all users. According to the guidelines we supply, anyone can build a Hedoco product for themselves using their own materials, also those that have been recycled or left over from other projects. Thus, our designs are economically accessible to anyone willing to devote their time and effort to create their own product versions.

We believe in the freedom of product use rather than becoming enslaved to its functions. 
We design with the aim to facilitate tailoring products to users' individual needs, if s/he so chooses. Our products are completely and intentionally hackable. Any particular function that we program can always be re-programmed, any particular ergonomic solution that we design can always be re-designed. Alongside design blueprints, we provide users with complete information regarding products’ construction and use. We are not afraid to have someone build on our ideas and create versions that surpass original products. On the contrary – we invest our hopes in our users' innovativeness and ability to discover their own solutions and applications.

We believe in the superiority of freedom over patents.
To us, traditional copyright solutions are anachronisms from the television era of one-sided communication. Knowledge was acquired by few, while information was passed top-down from authorities to “unenlightened” masses. Open solutions are the future, not only in the business world, but also as a value for the information society in the forthcoming era of personal manufacturing.

The DIY culture we help to shape, along with Open Design, stands in opposition to patenting knowledge and the hysteria fuelled by law corporations and manufacturing lobby that results in the situation where companies, instead of further developing their products through healthy competition, spend fortunes on lawsuits in the name of protecting solutions barren to anyone else. Through Creative Commons licenses, Hedoco customers can buy the brand’s ready-made products, build or modify them themselves. This promotes an open model of cooperation between the user, the designer and the manufacturer.

Hedoco products can be freely copied, distributed, re-created and built for personal use, as well as used for related projects, with the approval of original product’s designer. This is the only solution of this type in the Polish fashion and design industry.

We believe in superiority of shared and freely accessible knowledge over corporate desire for appropriation.
Only free movement of knowledge can guarantee proper functioning and continuous development of the society. We live in a world that is beyond geographical borders, yet insurmountable borders begin right under our phone and computer casings. Contracts obliging users to never remove the products’ warranty seals, making it impossible to peer inside them, are common practice. Selling sealed products without providing access to its design plan, opposes the notion of free movement of ideas, which is why we make the appeal: knowledge to the people!

We believe that profit without exploitation is feasible.
Our relationships with our sub-contractors and designers are that of business, but also equal character. They are based on mutual gains and shared aims, as joint incentives are a passion for the people we collaborate with. We do not manufacture any products in countries that break employee rights.

We create and sell objects that we ourselves believe in and of which we want to make use.
The world is filled with junk. Most of the market offer is created with the intent of the product’s short life cycle. Many replicate already existing products by the millions. Objects have ceased to help solve problems and suggest solutions; instead, they now create the problems. The quality of mass-produced products is not high, because it does not have to be. These products are to be bought and quickly replaced.

We go to great lengths to exclude Hedoco products from the great ocean of disposables. Each of our products is designed with great care. Most of Hedoco products are manually assembled, which allows for painstaking attention to detail.

We believe in creating mutual bonds and reject the hullabaloo of marketing communication.
Building a community around an open productde factocreates a community of people with similar needs who seek solutions to similar problems. Instead of creating advertisement messages, we aim to build reciprocal relationships with our users that are based on trust. We allow them full access to the knowledge we have gained and encourage them to collaborate in order to amend and optimize our products. We are working together.

Hedoco, 2012