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Rapid Prototyping Lab

Some of our products and inventions require use of specialized equipment. In Hedoco Rapid Prototyping Lab we build prototypes and three-dimensional conceptual models using a 3D printer. 



Are you interested in parameters of Hedoco RPL appliances?

Here is a short specification list:

- CNC milling machine: work surface - 80 cm x 30 cm, 7 cm in Z axis, 500 W milling head, CNC table precision: 0,1 mm, tool thickness from 0,25 mm (0,1 mm for PCB milling)
- 3D Printer: tray size 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, two heads, precision of 0,1 mm in Z axis, thread width - 0,5 mm, minimum layer thickness - 0,5 mm,
- Hot Air station,
- Soldering station,
- Pickling machine,
- Apparatus for woodworking and material, aluminum, ABS, PLA and PCB treatment,
- Possibility of assembling and soldering work, as well as mounting SMDs.


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