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  / 14.06.2013

Catalogue of International Design Festival in Berlin.

  / 13.06.2013

Catalogue of Polish Design Focus at DMY in Berlin, where you can read about Hedoco.  

  / 20.10.2012

Make Magazine about Dodecaudion. Let's dance... 

  / 27.02.2012

'The ledBAG lights up from inside and out!'

  / 22.02.2012

'LedBAG – light up your life'

  / 12.02.2012

'Dodecaudion is totally opensourced project licensed by an MIT license – source code & Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) – form design, PCB layout & everything else.'

  / 21.10.2011

'O incrível Dodecaudion: Tecnologia Musical Reinventa O Dubstep!'

  / 14.09.2011

'So, get ready to give your gestures the power over audiovisual control with the help of Dodecaudion and inject some fun in your life.'

  / 09.09.2011

'Dodecaudion gesture-based electronic music!'

  / 09.09.2011

'Dodecaudion lets you play music without touching anything!'

  / 08.09.2011


  / 07.09.2011

'The controller itself looks actually quite lovely – and it’s open source hardware, too, from top to bottom.'

  / 01.09.2011

Article about panGenerator.

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