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Price: 3 995 PLN

Dodecaudion is an electronic music controller for DJs, performers and professional musicians.

This spatial audiovisual controller is in the shape of a regular dodecahedron. Each of its walls is equipped with an infrared-detecting "eye" that collects information on the presence and position of the musician's hand. Dodecaudion is thus a gestural instrument that creates new musical space during performances.

The heart of Dodecaudion is Arduino, an in-built electronic platform, the use of which was made possible thanks to the concept of open technologies (Open Source as well as Creative Commons and MIT licenses). Arduino collects data from all its sensors and sends them to a computer. Apart from live performances, the data can be used in any way, whether sound processing and synthesis or to create visual effects.

The product comes with Hedoco certificate.

To see how to make your own Dodecaudion through open license, click on the DIY box.

Design: Hedoco + panGenerator.


Dodecaudion is communicating with any Blutooth enabled computer.
Messages are translated and retransmitted via OSC (software for Mac OSX and Windows available for download).

7-12 V DC power range,
Atmega328 powered Arduino Uno board,
21x21x21 cm [8.3x8.3x8.3"], 1200 g (including power source), 1000 g (Dodecaudion alone),
Arduino Uno,
Dodecaudion Shield rev. 2.0,
Alluminium and polymer composites housing,
Power source (230 V for EU continental outlets)
USB cable (not neccesary for normal operation but handy for tinkering with microprocessor code)


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