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Knockoutdesign studio was founded in 2006 by four designers - Marta Florkowska - Dwojak, Magdalena Juszczak, Dorota Kabała and Maya Ober. The basic premise of studio's activity is collective work of an interdisciplinary team, which allows combining the areas of product and exhibition space design with graphic design.

Hedoco + Knockoutdesign


The four designers - Marta, Magda, Dorota and Maya - form the core team of Knockoutdesign, that in big undertakings welcomes on board specialists in diverse areas of expertise, both design related and others.

An important consideration for Knockoutdesign is the interaction of the user with product and space, a feature that is reflected in projects delivered by the group. Among the topics that are of special interest to the studio is the concept of Open Source that engages the user in the production and design process, as well as topics related to sustainable design and social responsibility.

Knockoutdesign team operates internationally, working in Poland and Israel. Its activities include designing, leading workshops, participating in exhibitions and contests. Knockoutdesign are the authors of award-winning projects and realisations "Ryszard Kapuscinski’s Path" in Warsaw and the "Northern Gate" in Bat Yam, Israel.  Projects of Knockoutdesign were presented among others at ICFF NYC in New York and Salone Satellite in Milan. 

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