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White Male T-shirt
Price: 49 PLN
White Male T-shirt

White Male T-shirt, material: 92% cotton, 8% elastane

T-shirts are available in four versions of the graphic:

‘Football is not my goal.’


‘I believe in life after stadium.’

‘I don’t give a shit about football’

 Please, indicate choice of graphic in the additional information when ordering.

clothes design: Edyta Jermacz

graphic design: Robert Zając

White Male T-shirt

Size L: (length: about 74 cm, width: about 55 cm) 

White Male T-shirt

Product is sent the next day after the date of payment registration.

Shipping price is 10 PLN regardless of the number of ordered pieces.

The Alter Euro 2012 collection can be try on in our showroom on appointment. 

White Male T-shirt

To Euro-exluded - unite!
The much awaited year 2012 has come. Highways criss-cross Poland in ribbon-like fashion, the country's cityscapes are dominated by crown-like stadiums, the people have become less aggresive and bus-drivers no longer make a sport out of slamming the doors shut in passengers' faces... According to the absurd myth created around the games, they are to cure  all kinds of ailments of the country and its people. We cannot economize on the Euro Cup, the Euro Cup is our priority, you cannot argue with the Euro Cup.

We refuse to adhere to the dictate of the games, yet we do not aim to place football fans on the other side of the barricade. By no means do we see all football fans as hooligans, drunkards and troublemakers; on the contrary, people familiar with fever pitch our among our family members and friends. However, we do not want to feel discriminated just because we are not that into football. Our dream is to have the authorities demonstrate at least half of the good will they are showing while organising the Euro to promote our country through its nature, environmental protection, culture, design or architecture.
Have all other sports been forgotten? Why do reporters smugly ask Joanna Mucha, Polish Minister of Sports, whether she knows what an offside is? As if an answer to this question would determine whether or not a woman can be a good minister of sports. We are much more interested in Mucha's ideas for developing tourism, which her institution should also be working on.

We would like to have Warsaw's president Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz talk with equal enthusiasm about the culture center at Madalińskiego street or the new building of the Museum of Modern Art, as about the „Euro Fan Zone”. Although the Warlikowski theatre and MoMA buildings have been awaiting completion for many years, it is the football-related investments that have been carried out in lightning-speed.

We are not instigating a Euro Cup boycott, we have nothing in common with the politicians who use  anti-Euro sentiments for their current pursuits. Our t-shirts were made on an impulse to allow those who – like us – do not identify with the country's received „official” enthusiasm, to vent their emotions.  
Our answer to the question „Do you believe in life after football?” posted on Kuba Janiszewski's blog is „We do. And we will defend it with all our might.”

Hedoco, 2012

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