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Price: 790 PLN

“Biju” is much more than just a decoration. Hedoco's new project brings a breakthrough in aesthetics by combining jewelry and electronics. Innovative character of the product lies in bringing it out of a closed form, which allows its user to express personal meanings. Simple classic look, analogical charm along with a large amount of possibilities provide something new to a wearable tech market.

Hedoco's new product is a module of an interactive jewelry, which displays graphics using a matrix with 64 LED lights. All elements are handmade. Cover – designed by Magdalena Lamch – is made from silver by a jewelry artist. It consists of two geometric figures: a classic circle and a slightly rounded square. In “Biju” constructional elements are also a decoration.

It is the recipient, who decides what the jewelry will display, including luminous images of own creation. The product contains a programmed clock, stopwatch, accelerometer as well as graphics and text communications, that can be freely modified. With little programistic effort “Biju” can even interact with other “Bijus” or react to gestures. Everything lies in the hands of the user.

Each product goes with accessories that allow using it in various functions. Two leather straps would change “Biju” into a watch, magnets – into a broche and a silver chain would make it look like a necklet.

The project is based on Creative Commons license.


Dimensions: diameter 4,7 cm, height 1 cm
Material: silver

2 leather straps
silver chain (length 70 cm)
3 magnets


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