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Eleven Brothers Modern
Price: 250 PLN
Eleven Brothers Modern

The Eleven Brothers bag is produced from 324 identical rhombus-shaped elements cut from any material. The bag's handles are carved from an oak wood (or any other material - in the DIY versions). The bag is entirely hand-made. The name Eleven Brothers comes from a  fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen entitled "Wild Swans" and serves as invitation to ponder over the fast pace of life and the increasing value of rare moments of peace and relaxation.

The bag's design refers to the image of a shopping bag commonly used in the 1970s; however, thanks to its sophisticated styling and the usage of both modern and traditional materials, the product becomes more luxurious than casual. By opening the project for the DIY mode, we combine the evolution of luxury - expensive high quality products, which only few can afford, with neosocialism - freedom of creation and sharing the knowledge.

The bag is available in three different colors: red, cobalt, gray metallic.

The product comes with Hedoco certificate.

The Eleven Brothers Bag is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license on our website at DIY box (where the projects of bag's handles and components, as well as detailed instruction of the assembling process are published).

Project by: Hedoco + Knockoutdesign.

Eleven Brothers Modern

Weight: 900 g.

Dimensions: 43 cm [16.9"] length x 40 cm [15.7"] width x 1.5 cm [0.6"] depth

material: PCV + wood

Padding included (fabric: Polyamide)

Eleven Brothers Modern

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